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[Fortinet-Fortigate] Fortigate Process List

– Fortigate Process List – – initXXXXXXXXXXX (its job is to start other processes) – zebos_launcher (zebos launcher daemon) – hp_api (hp api) – cmdbsvr (cmdb server – update processes / configuration) – uploadd (upload daemon) – adsl2plus (adsl2plus daemon) – sqldb (sqldb) – reportd (report daemon) – sql_logd (sql log daemon) – miglogd (log […]

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[Fortinet-Fortigate] fortigate Raid Rebuild

– Raid-Rebuild 진행 순서 – 1. diagnose test 진행 후 hardware 이상이 없을 시 Raid-Rebuild 및 Raid 구성 진행 2. Raid-Rebuild 는 Degraded 의 경우 Status : Degraded 인 상태로 Background-Rebuilding 으로 작업 진행 3. 신규로 Raid 구성 시 Hard-Disk 가 Format 이 되고, 장비의 Reboot 이후 Status : OK 인 상태로 Background-Synchronizing 으로 진행 […]

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[Fortinet-Fortigate] Fortigate-300D HQIP

FGT3HD0123456789 login: Password: Welcome ! FGT3HD0123456789 # diagnose hardware test suite all Network Interface Initialization – Please connect ethernet cables: [MGMT1 – MGMT2] [PORT1 – PORT2] [PORT3 – PORT4] … [PORT7 – PORT8] (except Virtual Pair ports) To skip this test, please press ‘N’. Do you want to continue? (y/n) (default is n) y Network […]